Ductwork Installation

Ductwork Installation

Ductwork Installation2024-05-28T15:50:00+00:00
Duct Installation

Trust The Duct Installation Specialists In Maryland & Pennsylvania

Need ductwork installation in your home? We can handle it. Old Line Heating and Air offers reliable duct installation services in MD and PA. Our crew has experience installing quality ductwork in new construction homes and as additions to older homes.

Schedule dependable duct installation services by calling 410-896-7480 today. If you need outdated ductwork replaced, we take care of it.

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Tired Of Paying For Outrageous Energy Bills?

Don’t let leaky ductwork continue to drive up your energy bills. Turn to Old Line Heating and Air for reliable duct repair and replacement services in the Pylesville, MD area. We can repair or replace your faulty ductwork.

Leaky Ductwork
Leaky ductwork poses a significant problem. It allows air to escape before reaching its intended destination. This causes inefficient heating and cooling and leading to higher energy bills.

Corroded Ductwork
Corroded ductwork presents a problem as it can compromise the structural integrity of your ducts. This can lead to leaks that allow conditioned air to escape and unfiltered air to enter. Additionally, corrosion can release harmful particles into the air. This reduces indoor air quality and posing health risks to occupants.

Collapsed Ductwork
Collapsed ductwork poses a major issue to your hvac system. It obstructs the proper flow of air, causing uneven heating and cooling throughout your home or office. This can result in high energy bills, increased energy consumption, and the potential for costly repairs or replacements if left unaddressed.

Loud Noises In Ductwork
Loud noises in ductwork can be concerning. They often show bigger underlying problems. These could be loose components, air pressure imbalances, or obstructions. Beyond causing disruptions and discomfort, these noises might signify inefficiencies in the HVAC system. This leads to reduced performance if not resolved properly.

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Our Process For Installing New Ductwork

Installing new ductwork for your home or office is a big undertaking. Our team has a detailed process that has proven effective time and time again.

Assessment and Planning:
We assess your home’s structure, size, and heating/cooling needs. This evaluation helps design a customized ductwork layout that ensures optimal airflow.

Pipes of HVAC system (heating ventilation and air conditioning)

Material Selection and Fabrication:
Based on the design, suitable duct materials are chosen for your home. These materials are then fabricated to fit the specific dimensions required for each room.

Duct Installation and Framework Setup:
Installing the framework involves securing hangers, supports, and braces. Once in place, the fabricated ducts are connected. We position them strategically for balanced airflow. We then seal all seams and insulate the ductwork.

Testing and Airflow Balancing:
To ensure every room receives adequate airflow, dampers and airflow regulators are adjusted. We then test the efficiency of the ductwork.

Connection to HVAC System:
The ductwork is connected to the HVAC system’s air handler or furnace. This enables the effective flow of conditioned air through the entire system.

System Activation and Performance Assessment:
We activate the HVAC system to allow our technicians to assess its performance. This step ensures that the new ductwork operates seamlessly, providing even heating and cooling.

User Education and Guidance:
The customer is informed about how to operate and maintain the system for best results.

Final Check, Cleanup, and Approval:
A final inspection confirms that all components are functioning correctly. The area is then cleaned, leaving your space tidy and ready to enjoy.

Frequently Asked Questions About Ductwork Installation

Can I install ductwork myself, or should I hire a professional?2024-05-07T15:43:18+00:00

Ductwork installation requires specialized knowledge and equipment. You need to ensure proper design, sizing, and sealing for optimal performance. It’s recommended to hire a licensed HVAC professional who can provide a well-functioning system.

How can I ensure my ductwork is properly sized for my home?2024-05-07T15:42:39+00:00

Proper duct sizing is crucial to maintain airflow and efficient heating and cooling. We perform calculations based on your home’s size, layout, and characteristics to determine the right duct sizes.

Are there different types of duct materials available for installation?2024-05-07T15:41:44+00:00

Yes, many duct materials are available. These include sheet metal, flexible ducts, fiberglass duct board, and ductless systems. The choice depends on factors like budget, energy efficiency goals, and local building codes.

How long does ductwork installation take?2024-05-07T15:41:08+00:00

The time it takes to install ductwork varies. This depends on factors like the complexity of your home’s layout and the size of the hvac system. On average, a complete installation can take several days to a week.

What is ductwork installation, and why is it important?2024-05-07T15:40:24+00:00

Ductwork installation involves a network of ductwork passages. These passages transport heated or cooled air throughout your home. It’s vital for distributing conditioned air from your HVAC system to different rooms.


Looking For Ductless Air Conditioning Instead?

With new ductless systems you don’t need bulky and expensive ductwork installation.

See Why Our Customers Love Us

Old Line has been to our house a few times, most recently they discovered we had duct issues. The repair was faster than they originally thought and now not even 24hrs later it is feeling much better in our home. Can’t say enough good things.


They came out very professional and we decided on a new unit. Price was very fair. We already had estimates. One week later unit was installed and now very comfortable. Excellent communication, professional and fair prices.


Old Line came for a leak in my water heater. Not only was the fix cleanly done, but he explained what he was doing every step of the way. Really appreciated the honest service and pricing – would strongly recommend!

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