Air Quality Testing & Service

Air Quality Testing & Service

Air Quality Testing & Service2024-05-28T15:56:02+00:00
Air Quality Testing and Services | Old Line Heating and Air


Stop Breathing Dirty, Unhealthy Air

High humidity and contaminant levels in your home can cause a wide variety of respiratory issues. Fortunately, Old Line Heating and Air provides indoor air quality testing services in Pylesville, MD and surrounding areas. We can test the quality of your air and suggest ways to improve it.

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How Is Poor Air Quality Created In Your Home?

Dirty HVAC filters
Poor air quality can come from neglected HVAC filters that become clogged with dust and pollutants. These dirty filters can’t trap airborne particles anymore. This leads to recirculation of the bad and breathing quality issues for people in your home.

Inefficient ductwork
Inefficient ductwork can contribute to poor indoor air quality. Ductwork can allow dust, mold, and allergens to build up and spread throughout home or office. Leaky ducts can let in contaminants and reduce air circulation. This compromises the health and comfort of your home or office.

Outdated HVAC systems
Outdated HVAC systems often lack modern filtration. This can allow allergens and pollutants to circulate freely, diminishing indoor air quality. Their inefficiency may result in bad humidity control fostering mold growth. Mold in your HVAC system can worsen respiratory issues.

Poor insulation
Poor insulation can allow outdoor pollutants to infiltrate your home or office. Too little insulation can lead to increased moisture buildup. This creates a breeding ground for mold and mildew. This can worsen respiratory problems and degrade indoor air quality.

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Maximize The Efficiency Of Your HVAC System

Old Line Heating and Air provides HVAC energy testing services in the Pylesville, MD area. We can find out why your HVAC system is causing your energy bills to skyrocket and tell you how to make your system more energy-efficient.

Here’s how your can reduce your energy bill:

Upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system
Upgrading to a more energy-efficient HVAC system can reduce spending. We help lower energy bills through improved system efficiency and reduced energy consumption. These advanced systems optimize heating and cooling processes. This leads to long-term cost savings while also benefiting the environment.

Installing a programmable thermostat
Installing a programmable thermostat can allow you to customize your schedules to match your routine. You can prevent unnecessary energy use when you’re away. Smart controls helps maintain comfortable temperatures only when needed.

Replacing HVAC filters
Regularly replacing HVAC filters can help reduce energy costs. By maintaining high efficiency in your system you can lower energy bills. Clean filters enable better airflow and prevent system strain. Extend your systems lifespan by minimizing the need for costly repairs or premature replacements.

Sealing Ductwork
Sealing ductwork can lower energy costs by preventing leaks in your system. Make sure the air you pay to heat or cool actually reaches your the areas you need. Efficient airflow distribution reduces the workload on your HVAC system saving you money on utility bills.

Frequently Asked Questions About Air Quality Testing

What should I do if air quality testing reveals problems?2024-05-07T15:49:38+00:00

If air quality testing finds issues, consult with us to address the specific problems. This might involve improving ductwork, reducing indoor pollutants, fixing leaks, installing air purifiers, or replacing your old units.

How often should I perform air quality testing in my home?2024-05-07T15:47:03+00:00

The frequency of air quality testing depends on many factors. This includes your location, occupancy, lifestyle, and the presence of potential pollution sources. Generally, testing every 2-3 years is recommended.

What are some common indoor air pollutants that air quality testing detects?2024-05-07T15:45:54+00:00

Air quality testing can detect a range of pollutants. These might include dust mites, mold, pet dander, pollen, VOCs from household products, formaldehyde, radon gas, and more. These may affect your health and comfort.

How is air quality testing conducted?2024-05-07T15:45:22+00:00

Air quality testing involves collecting air samples from different areas of your home. We use specialized equipment. These samples are then analyzed in a lab to measure the concentration of pollutants. These include volatile organic compounds (VOCs), particulate matter, mold spores, and more.

Why should I consider air quality testing for my home?2024-05-07T15:44:56+00:00

Air quality testing helps identify pollutants, allergens, and toxins present in your home or office. It provides insights into potential health risks and you can take necessary measures to improve the air you breathe.


Looking For Air Conditioning Repair Instead?

Testing might require HVAC repairs to your unit. Have one of our technicians come out to test your AC Unit and we’ll let you know if repair or replacement is right for you.

See Why Our Customers Love Us

Old Line has been to our house a few times, most recently they discovered we had duct issues. The repair was faster than they originally thought and now not even 24hrs later it is feeling much better in our home. Can’t say enough good things.


They came out very professional and we decided on a new unit. Price was very fair. We already had estimates. One week later unit was installed and now very comfortable. Excellent communication, professional and fair prices.


Old Line came for a leak in my water heater. Not only was the fix cleanly done, but he explained what he was doing every step of the way. Really appreciated the honest service and pricing – would strongly recommend!

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